How to get involved

Community engagement is central to the Statutory Scrutiny process and we welcome public involvement in Overview and Scrutiny here in Hartlepool. There are a number of ways you can get involved:-

Attend a meeting of Audit and Governance Committee - Unless there are confidential or exempt items on the agenda all Council meetings are open to the public, please see below link for the dates of future meetings for more details.


Suggest a topic for a Scrutiny investigation - If you have a topic, relating to Health and Crime and Disorder issues, that you think warrants a Scrutiny Investigation then please contact the Scrutiny Support Team or contact your local Councillor directly. Please bear in mind that all suggestions will be considered as possible items for the Scrutiny Annual Work Programme and be assessed against specific Scrutiny Investigation criteria.

Councillor Call for Action - Where all other avenues of resolution through your local Councillor have been exhausted, then your local Councillor can raise a Councillor Call for Action on any matters which relates to a crime and disorder matter affecting their Ward. Please read our quick guide to Councillor Call for Action for more details.

Take part in a public consultation exercise held by a the Audit and Governance Committee - During most scrutiny inquiries members of the public were specifically asked to contribute their views on services and local issues to the Scrutiny process during events such as focus groups, site visits, e-consultation, public meetings and through direct contact with the Scrutiny Support Team.

The future undertaking of public consultation exercises during scrutiny inquiries will be publicised in the Hartlepool Mail, on the Council's website, posted on the Civic Centre noticeboard and promoted through other appropriate means.