Annual and Final Reports

Annual Reports

Following the change to the Councils governance arrangements in 2012, the requirement to produce an Annual Report was removed but copies of previous Scrutiny Annual Reports are available on request from the Scrutiny Support Team.

Progress Reports

The Audit and Governance Committee receives six-monthly updates of progress of actions resulting from Scrutiny Investigations relating to Health and Crime and Disorder issues.  Responsibility for the monitoring of recommendations and actions resulting from scrutiny investigations is delegated to appropriate policy committees and partnership bodies (again on a 6 monthly basis).  This monitoring process is managed by the Scrutiny Support Team.

Final and Call-In Reports

Details of the most recent investigations undertaken by scrutiny can be found below, with previous Final and Call-In Reports available on request from the Scrutiny Support Team.

Final Reports

Accessibility of Council Services in Hartlepool for those with Disabilities and Long Term Conditions

Child and Family Poverty in Hartlepool

Anti-Social Behaviour in Hartlepool

High Quality Maternity Services and Elective Surgery at the University Hospital of Hartlepool Site

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

Hate Crime in Hartlepool

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


Joint Strategic Needs Assessment - Overview and Scrutiny Investigation

  • Appendix A - Poverty (Scrutiny Co-ordinating Committee)
  • Appendix B - Transport (Transport Working Group)
  • Appendix C - Older People (Adult and Community Services Scrutiny Forum)
  • Appendix D - Emotional and Mental Wellbeing (Children's Services Scrutiny Forum)
  • Appendix E - Environment (Neighbourhood Services Scrutiny Forum)
  • Appendix F - Employment (Regeneration and Planning Services Scrutiny Forum)
  • Appendix G - Sexual Health (Health Scrutiny Forum)

Museum and Art Gallery Collection

Private Sector Housing Schemes

Early Intervention and Re-ablement

Cancer Awareness and Early Diagnosis

The Provision of Support and Services to Looked After Children/Young People

Young People's Access to Transport - Young People's Representatives

Social Return on Investment of Connexions Services to 19-25 Year Olds

Employment and Training Opportunities for Young People Aged 19-25

The Provision of Face to Face Financial Advice and Information Services in Hartlepool

20's Plenty

Foreshore Management

Adult Safeguarding

Connected Care

Think Family

Youth Involvement

Services available to Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

Working Neighbourhoods Fund

Anti Social Behaviour

Call - In Reports