Hartlepool Coastal Plinth - Seaton Carew

Proposal 2

Artist opportunity
Artist Opportunity

The concept for my design is the relationship between land, sea and Hartlepool’s maritime and industrial heritage.  As suggested in the brief I have used two figures, one portraying land, the other sea, linked by a geographic linear representation of the Port of Hartlepool and Hartlepool Marina.  The port and marina link the figures both physically and conceptually.  Therefore alluding to the towns historical connection to the sea, its continuing connection through the industry of the Port and the regenerated connection from the Marina to leisure and tourism.

The sculpture would be made from mild steel and therefore references the West Hartlepool Steel and Iron Co. with the first works laid out in 1860 and the town’s longstanding steelmaking heritage.

Both the life-size figures are constructed from curvilinear steel lines, using the same methodology.  The images shows the sculpture in perspective in situ.  This methodology, I have developed over the last few years.  It has an organic almost grown appearance.  The silhouette is not solid and therefore when walking around the form, the reticulation appears to have an optical spatial shift, a Moiré pattern caused by superimposition.  This spatial shift alludes to the actual movement of waves, bare branches in the wind. So the methodology also connects to the theme of land and sea.