Hartlepool Coastal Plinth - Seaton Carew

Proposal 6

Artist opportunity
Artist opportunity

The proposed art work is the “LOGO” of the motto “E MARE EX INDUSTRIA”,

As an artistic focal point the statue would symbolize the ORIGO of a space-time coordinate system as an ARMILLARY like composition of circular objects, and also functioning as a sun dial and showing the directions to the Cardinals.

To reinforce a sense of place and identity the circular elements reflect to Hartlepool’s maritime and industrial past related to the sea and promenade, Ship building - Sir William Gray and Hartlepool’s cultural life, also mirrors the route taken by Ridley Scott’s first film ‘Boy and Bicycle’ as one in the world.

The objects of the construction:

· a classic ship wheel
· a huge Gear wheel
· a Bike wheel
· a Compass
· a Sun dial