Hartlepool Coastal Plinth - Seaton Carew

Proposal 5

Artist opportunity
Artist Opportunity

My proposal for the 'Plinths Project' would be a response to the maritime history of the region.  I feel that this angle would be likely to connect with a large group of people from the area who have a present or past relationship with the sea.  In addition I believe what I have in mind would prove to be an attraction to the public in general and provide a draw to the area.

I propose to create a bust of a seafarer in Sowester and oilskins on a large scale (somewhere in the region of 3 metres high would be attainable for the advised budget).  The piece would represent all areas of the seafaring community, including naval, commercial and rescue. 

It would be created from weathering steel in a very similar method to the life size piece in the images.  I believe that the scale alone would create an impact and that the industrial production method relates well to the north east.  The emotion of the piece would be in the expression and accompanying words.