Private Landlords and Tenants

Help for Private Landlords

Advice, information and help with being a private landlord

Being a private landlord can be challenging and you might encounter problems from time to time. If you would like some advice, please contact us and we will try to help.
You can contact us by the following methods;

Try joining a Landlord Association

If you are not a member already, you may find joining a professional landlords association useful. They provide lots of useful information, keep you up to date with new and changing legislation and provide an advice line for landlords. All for a reasonable annual subscription that includes a free landlord helpline. Membership is available from £85 per year.

Please see the following link to the National Residential Landlords Association:    

How to Let Guide

A must read for landlords and very useful. Please see the following link:

Tenancy agreements

Looking for a model tenancy agreement? Download a copy via the following 

Energy Efficiency

Do you need advice about energy efficiency for you and your tenants? Please see the following link for further information: