Private Landlords and Tenants

Private landlords - possession proceedings / ending your tenancy

Sometimes you may wish to end your tenants tenancy, you may wish to sell your property or things may not be working out well with the tenancy. Your tenant may have stopped paying the rent and owe you rent arrears.  Or there may have been breaches in the tenancy agreement leaving you with little option to end the tenancy.  Ending the tenancy without the consent of your tenant(s) must be carried out following correct lawful procedures. Not following the correct lawful procedures could result in prosecution, a criminal record and significant financial costs. The Council has powers to prosecute landlords who illegally evict and harass tenants.

Early and regular communication with your tenant(s) can sometimes prevent difficulties from arising. Avoiding the need to take any action.

Understanding the following guidance will ensure that you follow the correct legal processes to ensure that you gain possession of your property lawfully: 

After reading the guidance you should can also contact the council for further assistance: