Private Landlords and Tenants

Harassment and unlawful eviction, advice for tenants

Get help if you’re being harassed or have been unlawfully evicted or threatened with eviction by your landlord

If your landlord wants you to leave their property, they must follow strict procedures. If they don’t they may be guilty of harassing or unlawfully evicting you, which are criminal offences. The council could investigate and if necessary take legal action.


Harassment is anything your landlord does, or fails to do, that makes you want to leave the property.

It includes:

  • Cutting off services, like gas and electricity
  • Unreasonable rent payment demands
  • Visiting the property at unsociable hours
  • Refusing to carry out repairs
  • Starting but not finishing disruptive repairs or building work
  • Trying to take away your legal rights as a tenant
  • Being violent or threatening violence
  • Abusive behaviour
  • Opening your post or removing your belongings
  • Other things that just don’t feel right and make you feel threatened

Write down the details of everything that happens including dates, times and what was said. When you see your landlord, ask them to confirm anything said verbally in writing. Try and have someone with you to give you support and be a witness.

Unlawful eviction

You may have been unlawfully evicted if:

  • Your landlord doesn’t give you the right notice to leave the property
  • You find the locks have been changed
  • You are evicted without a bailiff’s warrant

If the property is repossessed by the landlord’s mortgage lender, the lender must still give you a notice period to find somewhere else to live.

Getting back into a property

If you have been evicted from a property that you have a right to occupy, we can try to negotiate with the landlord to let you back in.

If this fails you can contact a private solicitor. They can arrange for proceedings to be brought before the court. The court has the power to order the landlord to allow you back into the property.

My Landlord wants me out – A useful guide for tenants

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Report an illegal eviction or harassment

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