Planning your ceremony

There is a wide range of places you can get married / form a civil partnership, and different ceremony types available.

What type of ceremony can we have?

Couples can choose to get married or to form a civil partnership. Information on the similarities and differences between marriage and civil partnership is available on (external link). 

Hartlepool Registration Service are unable to give any advice on whether a couple should choose either a marriage or a civil partnership. If a couple are unsure of the implications that either a marriage or civil partnership may have on issues such as inheritance, personal finances or their marital status been recognised outside of the UK they should seek independent legal / financial advice to help them choose the correct option for them.


Where can we have our ceremony?

Religious building

Marriages can take place in a religious building which is registered for marriage. There can be some rules that restrict who can get married there so you should check with the person in charge of ceremonies at the venue.

Most religious venues have an authorised person to perform the ceremony, however some do not so please check this with the venue. If they do not have an authorised person, you will need to book a registrar from the relevant registration district to attend.

Register office

You can have a civil marriage ceremony or civil partnership ceremony in any register office in England or Wales.

Approved premise

A civil marriage ceremony or civil partnership ceremony can take place in any venue that has been approved by the local authority to be a ceremony venue.

Outside England and Wales

Marriages and civil partnership legislation varies from country to country, further information can be found via the below links.

Marriage / civil partnership in Scotland

Marriage / civil partnership in Northern Ireland

Marriage / civil partnership abroad


How soon can we have a ceremony?

Before a ceremony can take place legal requirements need to be completed; this varies depending on the country where the ceremony is taking place. Further information on the requirements for England and Wales can be found on our giving notice of intention page.


Where are the register office venues in Hartlepool?

Civic Suite

Middlegate Room


What civil venues are licensed for marriage / civil partnership in Hartlepool?

Licensed premises


How much does it cost?

Marriage and civil partnership fees


What will my ceremony contain?

Couples forming a civil partnership can choose whether to have a ceremony or not. If they decide not to have a ceremony they will attend the Civic Suite to sign the partnership documentation, no words need to be spoken.

A marriage ceremony / civil partnership ceremony (for those couple who choose to have one) will consist of a welcome and introduction, the legal requirements of the ceremony, the signing of the schedule and finally the taking of photographs. If you choose to book a ceremony at the Middlegate Room or licensed premise you will have the opportunity to personalise the details of your ceremony using our online 'Ceremony choices' form.


How do I book a ceremony with Hartlepool Registration Service?

Booking a marriage / civil partnership ceremony


How far in advance can I book with Hartlepool Registration Service?

Licensed premises - up to two years in advance
Middlegate Room and Civic Suite - up to one year in advance